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You constantly blocked me from doing any of the things I wanted to do. In that sense, you quickly became my worst nightmare. Because of you, I ended up doing things that goodbye letter to addiction I never in a million years thought I would be capable of doing. You turned me into what I hated more than anything else. You robbed me of my independence and freedom.

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I watched you dig my grave as the days went by, but never once did I try to fill it back up. I remember when you first came into my life. I thought you would ease the pain of my youth and make my present pain go away.

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In just one year of listening to you, my mind was utterly consumed with urges to use…every-single-day. But at the time, it felt like you were a coping strategy that made sense. Every single member of staff, from the moment I arrived at the moment I left, treated me with dignity and respect.

goodbye letter to addiction

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I’ll never forget how I felt walking through the doors of the addiction treatment center. I felt utterly defeated and I hated myself for letting things get so bad. I expected that rehab would be like going to the doctor and that I would be shamed and reprimanded for my addiction. Fortunately for me, my world crumbled when I lost a close family member. That led to a massive binge where I used more drugs than ever over a week-long period. Needless to say, I felt emotionally and physically destroyed.

goodbye letter to addiction

To commemorate this event, and to help you plot a course toward a healthier future, many therapists recommend writing a goodbye letter to addiction. Explore effective mental health treatment plans with our free PDF template, which is ideal for mental health professionals seeking structured recovery paths. When the client finally musters the courage to bid farewell to addiction, they’re reclaiming their power and taking back control of their own life. It’s about saying goodbye forever to the worst nightmare you’ve ever faced and embracing the hope of a brighter future. It may also be beneficial to write a goodbye addiction letter.

goodbye letter to addiction

We accept most PPO insurance, private forms of payment, and payment plans for cash payments. Our specialists walk you through the process of understanding your benefits. We provide the most suitable method of recovery tailored to you or your loved one’s needs. While our clinical team recommends therapeutic writing, we also know there is more to accomplish for a successful recovery. Resurgence Behavioral Health will assess your unique needs and design a treatment plan individualized for you. Saying goodbye to your addiction enables you to recognize your past, honor your new life path, and provide closure.

Step 3: Write positively and specifically about the future you will have without drugs.

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  • An addiction recovery program offers a lifeline, providing structured support in an addiction treatment center.
  • Use a helpful evidence-based Antisocial Personality Disorder Test to identify ASPD symptoms among clients and improve health outcomes.
  • I think saying goodbye to you will be the most difficult thing I’ll ever have to do.
  • They’re both outside Birmingham, co-director Amanda Claridy said.
  • I started a new job, got a girlfriend, and started to forget you.

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